Stihia Festival

Sithia Festival
Sithia Festival

31st August – 2nd September 2023

Navoi Salt Marsh, Uzbekistan

The groundbreaking Stihia Festival is back for 2023 with a lineup of more than 40 high-profile artists from Uzbekistan and abroad. The name means "force of nature" and it comes from ancient Greek. The festival was conceived in 2017 to raise awareness of the environmental catastrophe of the Aral Sea, and to help the surrounding region. It has grown to become the biggest and best known electronic music festival in Central Asia. In 2023 the organisers decided to relocate the venue to a huge wasteland close to ancient Bukhara with the objective of boosting tourism in other parts of the country and testing new territories.

The new place is a giant canvas of 10 square kilometers of perfectly flat, table-like surface. It serves as a field for the limitless amplifier of creative expression, by the sheer contrast of its absolute emptiness.

The festival is held on a salt marsh in Navoi region, close to Bukhara. Link to the location: "a dance music festival in one of the strangest locations imaginable" – Resident Advisor "event that serves as a vital platform for emerging DJs from within Uzbekistan, as well as supporting local sustainable development" - DJ MAG




Line-up 2023

Abadir (Egypt)

Derrick May (US)

Edige (Kazakhstan)

Howie Lee (China)

Josef Tumari (Uzbekistan)

Aisha Devi (Sweden)

Sote (Iran)

Ishome (Russia)

Meros (Uzbekistan)

Salome (Georgia/Germany)


Wacław Zimpel (Poland)

The Wire Soundsystem (UK)

Loud373 (Uzbekistan)

Voiski (France)

Shadowax (Russia)

Acell (Kazakhstan)

QARAQOOM (Uzbekistan)

Merlin Ettore (Canada/Germany)

X.Y.R. (Russia)

SSTROM (Sweden)

and more...